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SINCE 1999

Trigon Food BV started business at the beginning of 1999. Over the years we have expanded our range of products. We now carry a large range of foods and drinks, both famous brands and more competitively priced brands. We sell products produced in Holland, as well as from other European countries like Germany, Belgium, France, Italy and the United Kingdom.

We work with reliable manufacturers and suppliers. Quality, service and flexibility are most important to us. We can supply one item per container or truck, in which case the container will be loaded directly from the factory or their warehouse. We can also load mixed container- or truckloads. In that case we will load in our own warehouse in Leeuwarden.

Loading of the goods is done by our own staff to ensure correct loading. For mixed loads, there is almost no limitation on the range, quantity or origin of the goods.

We work on back-to-back ordering, meaning we only order your goods after you have placed your order with us. By doing this, we ensure our customers will get freshest possible products.

Key in our almost 25 years of business, is the relationship with our customers and suppliers. We strongly believe that clear and regular communication is crucial to our mutual business. We participate in trade shows in Europe, Dubai, Singapore and China to show our products and meet new and existing customers and suppliers. Travelling to our customers in their respective countries, to learn to know them and to learn to understand the needs of the market, is very important to us. At Trigon Food, we believe in long term business, and not just one deal.

About us | Trigon Food B.V.

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